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Modern anthropological sciences and technological development from AI to Social Organization, are product of interactions between humanities and natural sciences.

The greatest challenges that science must solve are related to human realities and are growing in complexity and breadth.

Recognizing that the nature of our most critical problems is social-technical, a better comprehension of solutions and implementations will be possible.

The current epoch is enriched with electronic machines and technology. Computers have had an impact on almost

every aspect of our lives, including art. New forms of art are being created. New musical sounds are being heard. New formats and techniques of visual arts are being exploited. It is inevitable that the general population can feel uneasy with some new forms of art. Then, the question arises ¿are electronic means or computers something new? The fundamental change takes place when Man stopped using his voice as the only means of creating sound.

When Orpheus played his Lyre, he was using a sound producing device. The computers of today are really means of creating new forms of art, that in this sense are deeply rooted in a distant past.

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