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Wars and Imperialism

The Washington syndicate of criminals against humanity operating death and chaos all around the world is coming to an end of its own making, and they are willing to risk the future of our planet on their last bet. These sociopaths are willing to put the world on the edge of another global conflict and nuclear confrontation to try and retain a hegemony they have already clearly lost. These demons constitute the gravest existential danger to the human condition and have to be stopped at all cost. Their stated ideals and goals are not even disguised anymore and do not fall short of total vigilance and control of human interactions and byproduct including social productivity, biological reproductivity, critical thinking and ever more basic cognitive process, communications and interactions, consumption, health and well-being decisions, along with every other aspect relevant to the human condition. To achieve these hideous goals, the government of the USA has increasingly deprived its' citizens and their "allies" from social and economic justice. They are unable to provide half-decent meals to the children in public schools (because that would be socialism, and God forbid) but they are very busy piling up resources on the great whore who shit out the disgusting devil's abortions called bankers and weapons manufacturer's whose only apport to society is to cheat people out of their houses in the best case and out of their lives in the worst case. The world's biggest psychiatric ward of sociopaths - Washington - has managed to turn the once great country of the USA into a nightmare scenario where the political class are absolutely and cynically defiant of the crumbling living conditions of the working class and in a feverish servitude of sick proportions to the industry of death and destruction all while bathing in greasy water of self-righteousness that stinks of rot. A sicker government has never existed, and they have dragged along with them a great part of their citizens into the depths of madness. A state of advanced social decay is present across every U.S. city and the disappearing of any human values is being pursued by the demented tyrants that seek total control of societies through the moral destruction of the individual. The only remaining significant exports from the U.S. are moral depravity, corruption, inflation and weapons.

Foreign Relations


Economic Coercion

Resources and Corporate Pillaging


State Run Science

A great deal of science is being financed and exploited under governments and private sectors that operate through decree and consensus of power structures. This travesty is leading to great social dangers. Recently, a scheme for corrupting science has been implemented by appointing few "scientists" to yield state powers and to rule authoritatively to impose a political agenda on the ethical majority. The unthinkable has happened. Science is under attack. Bad practices, propaganda, and deceit are becoming more common. The severity and frequency of government propagandists abusing of the banner of scientific institutions to push questionable and disingenuous narratives on everything from healthcare to economic models has caused disconfidence towards science to the point that flat earth is the fastest growing religion.

Propagandists and the "Presstitutes"

Propaganda is not complete without censorship.

Health and Well-Being

Monsters in Paradise: Child Trafficking and Slavery

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